Irritated skin by friction is a phenomenon that affects almost anyone ever. The impact this has on the performance and the pleasure of movement is quite large. ReSkin is an innovation of BioRacer® that solves this problem. By using the perforated Lycra® with a special adhesive medical grade silicone polymer gel was developed a skin-friendly product of exceptional quality. After an intensive period of testing in laboratories and in practice, ReSkin® is now successfully used by world-class cyclists. Especially for those with curvier ReSkin® has been created. Of course ReSkin® used by everyone who suffers from irritation and skin irritation.

What is ReSkin®:

  • A bi-elastic plaster, stretchable in both the length and the width, which is perfectly connected to the body.
  • Prevents friction and blisters.
  • Breathable, allows perspiration well. The patch remains that way perfectly in place.
  • Skin friendly, easy and painless to remove.
  • How to use ReSkin®:

You can use it multiple times and excesses eg in the shower. The patch then left to dry on a flat surface like the tiles of the shower wall.
The patch can with a sharp scissors to any desired shape to be cut.

ReSkin® can be used:

  • On the feet (in tight shoes)
  • On the inside of the legs (if they rub against each other)
  • By women under the breasts (or Intertrigo 's crushing of a bra)
  • With scrapes particularly underwear as irritation.
  • On the shins when scratching of socks.
  • On the buttocks and private parts by biking (saddle pain).
  • On nose by apnea patients.